It is great to push boundaries

First, we want to let you know that we are the only ones in Slovenia who have acquired the knowledge and the Kodak Flexcel NX innovative technology for making high-quality flexo printing plates that we have been using ever since 2008, which means ever since it was first introduced to the world.

We soon realized that the preparation of flexo printing plates with the Kodak Flexcel NX technology gives revolutionary results and also reduces production costs. And what has only been wishful thinking of flexo printers until recently, has now become a reality for our customers.



To stay on top, one must achieve top results. And this calls for thorough knowledge, but also for experiences and proper, state-of-the-art technology.
And thanks to the knowledge and experience of our experts for computer flexo preparation and also thanks to the Kodak‘s innovative technology Flexcel NX with Digicap NX Screening the material printed excels in quality each time. Reproductions are equal (1:1) to original digital files, because the quality can be compared to copper-plate printing.


Kodak has decided to use a special imaging technology Squarespot, which enables printing dots as small as 10 microns at an effective resolution of 10,000 dpi. This allows subtle highlight details, vignettes that fade to zero and also all available levels of grey. And thanks to the one-to-one image reproductions and Kodak‘s Flat Top dots none of that detail is lost during printing.


It is highly importan for our clients that the innovative Kodak’s solution DigiCap NX Screening provides excellent ink application, as it applies micro-fine surface texturization pattern to the printing surface. This produces intensive colours that immediately bring the attention of buyers to product packaging, which they also find appealing.


It is hard not to see that the Flexcel NX system is the only flexographic system in the world with one-to-one (1:1) reproduction capabilities of the image from digital file on printing plate, pixel for pixel. Making of Flexcel NX plates is consistent, it is possible to repeat it and predict it, which is what makes the printed result outstanding each time. The secret of top results lies in the combination of imaging technology Squarespot, thermal imaging layer resolution and the process of exposure in the absence of oxygen.

DigiCap NX Screening

Software must also deliver high quality and Kodak had that in mind. Their innovative solution DigiCap NX Screening is based on software for the Flexcel NX system, the advantages of which particularly excel in printing applications, where effective ink transfer is commonly the issue. Kodak’s technology enables very effective ink application by means of the use of pattern of micro-surface texturization throughout the surface of the Flexcel NX plate: higher print densities, smoother solid ink area coverage and expanded colour gamut with process printing.
The revolutionary solution is distinguished by high-quality reproduction capacities (1:1) delivered by the Flexcel NX system that images super-fine micro pattern across the entire imaged areas of the plate. The surface is composed of small squares in the size of 5 x 10 microns, which are evenly distributed across all plate elements, both solids and tones. All this combined results in excellent transfer of ink to the plate.

Kodak Flexcel NX:

Dot size 10 μm
Up to 60,000 runnung meters
Up to 600 runnung meters of print per minute
Resolution up to 300 lpi
Uniform colour application
High contrasts and wide range of colour spectre
Lower printing costs


Every potential winner must achieve the highest possible advantages as opposed to the competition and we offer a pretty long list of those:

  • Magnification options
  • Uniform and full-range ink application, also in printing transparent foil
  • More intensive colours even when printing with 4 colours (CMYK)
  • Better laydown of colour layers without using up more colour
  • Higher range of colour tones
  • Longer persistence of plates without compromising quality
  • Generates savings thanks to longer service life of plates
  • Generates savings thanks to shorter period of printing
  • Generates savings thanks to less colours used
  • Smaller burden for the environment (less ink and printing substrate waste and quantity of waste chemicals and other waste to the environment)


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Kodak Flexcel NX certification