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Flexible packaging from idea to print.

We are specialized in flexible packaging. We plan and manage all phases of the process – from conceptual design, design and prepress to final printing. Our goal is process optimization, cost reduction and superior print.

Are you planning to develop your packaging?

Decisions regarding packaging require a thorough strategic consideration, which in addition to design, market research and consumer buying habits, must also take into account the latest technological trends in the field of printing, development of packaging materials and manufacturing processes. By consulting on the basis of 20 years of experience, inventive thinking and proficiency in modern technologies, we provide brands with a competitive advantage.

Consulting on flexible packaging development

The influence of well-designed packaging on the purchasing decision is indisputable. The first goal of good design is to catch the eye – but that's not enough for us. It is necessary to hold the gaze, arouse curiosity and trigger the purchase decision. And this contest on store shelves is won by detail. Our passion is packaging that prompts the desire to touch. This is a tangible result with which we are realizing our mission.

Graphic design and Prepress of flexible packaging

Packaging combines different materials, and when we apply color on different surfaces, significant deviations in the intensity, density and color nuances can often occur. With knowledge and experience in the field of preparation and production of flexographic printing forms, we guarantee a consistent color environment of your brand and a superior print in various application conditions and on a wide variety of materials.

Prepress and production of flexographic printing forms

Crystal clear, deep and intense colors, lower printing ink consumption, faster printing and drying, less environmental impact and lower printing costs. Through optimization and innovation in all phases of development, design, prepress and printing of packaging, we simplify and speed up procedures, reduce costs and ensure the highest quality standards. Our strategy is continuous innovation and optimization.

Execution of flexible turnkey packaging


Flawless printing on the widest range of materials.

Prepress and production of flexo printing forms have a decisive influence on the quality of the final product – be it packaging, a catalog or a business card. Our maxim is: Less color, faster printing, lower environmental impact and superior print.

Do you need reliable execution?

Kodak Flexcel NX certification The Flexcel NX system is the only flexographic system in the world that allows one-to-one (1:1) reproduction of an image from file to printing plate, pixel by pixel. The secret of these first-rate results lies in the combination of Squarespot exposure technology, thermal imaging layer resolution and oxygen-free exposure. The advantages of Flexcel NX technology are an even and full color application, strong contrasts, a wide range of the color spectrum and lower printing costs.

GMG proofing solutions GMG's innovative color management concept ensures stability, reliability and predictability of color results on different devices, regardless of the process and printing material. GMG also establishes global standards for digital protection and reliable communication of all those involved in the processes of development and printing of packaging – clients, designers, photographers, technologists and printers.

GlobalVision GlobalVision is a digital file inspection software that enables control at all stages of preparation. It detects differences between different types of files that are created in the process, from the conceptual design to the production of the printing plate, and in this way alerts to possible discrepancies, errors or changes. It enables the creation of reports for review and approval at all stages of development, preparation and printing.

ISO 9001 for company organization ISO 9001 is a global standard for a quality management system. It sets requirements for the establishment, implementation and improvement of processes that meet customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. The certificate proves our commitment to quality, focus on satisfaction and the development of mutually beneficial relationships with partners, customers and employees, a systematic approach to the management and development of the company.


In collaboration with partners.

We achieve the best results when we work with you from the initial idea to the final product. However, we can always jump in at the phase of prepress, which is essential for the final result of printing.

How can we cooperate?


Mission. Strategy. Vision.

Superior print

Stunning colors and a print identical to the original can only be achieved with state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly qualified technologists who, with their knowledge and experience, know how to take full advantage of flexographic printing. Our mission is a top-notch printing result.

Optimization & innovation

Our process optimization and introduction of innovative packaging production technologies enable efficient processing, reduce costs and achieve the highest quality standards. Our business strategy is constant innovation and optimization.

Zero Waste

Our ambitions will always be one step ahead of the competition, be it quality, reliability, economy, safety or ecology. We focus on sustainable development technologies and the use of degradable materials. Our vision is Zero Waste.

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